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Yo, yo, yo... I'm just another crazy mutha fuckin' art student attending the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. I have many interest so hit me up to chat chat about anything really.

Blog mostly contains Lisa Frank, Disney, Pixar, Community, Dangan Ronpa, 30 Rock, American Horror Story, Top Gear BBC, Hannibal, Artsy Fartsy shit, Rabbits, The League, Monster High, Ever After High, Barbie and some depressing shit.

Sometimes I make cool celebrity colleges when I get bored. <3

I don’t have a best friend.

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I watch this disturbing video every easter

The entirely pastel backgrounds are what make this a masterpiece. 

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some pages from my sketchbook~~some film references in some of these

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What if Tangled, Wreck It Ralph and Frozen were classically animated.

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